by William Theseus
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                                                     Stop Speculating About God
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Stop Speculating about God
True Reality
Good and Evil
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Laws of the Reagan Revolution

If there were a God and we were supposed to know, we would know--for sure. All over the world men would know for sure and agree about God as they agree about the laws of science. We do not know, therefore we are not supposed to know. Stopspeculating about God. The thousands of religions, cults, gods, angels, devils, spirits, etc. in the world demonstrate that ten thousand years of speculation abGod has only led to greater ignorance.

I propose a new wager to supplant Pascal's wager. Suppose God has not revealed himself to man for a reason. Suppose he is testing man to see how he will use the intelligence and reason with which he has imbued him.

Suppose that when you die you will have to give an account of your life and justify your actions and beliefs. How in light of your intelligence and reason will you explain your belief and participation in the obvious errors in the speculations of Paul of Tarsus, Jesus of Nazareth, Muhammad ibn Abdullah, Baha'i u'lláh, Joseph Smith, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Jim Jones, David Koresh, and all of the other visionaries, prophets, spiritualists, mystics, and gurus--many of them illiterate. Since God has not revealed himself, wouldn't the safer wager be to withhold commitment until he does reveal himself and all the world agrees that he has revealed himself.  Perhaps those who are believers will be the ones condemned to hell for not using their intelligence and reasoning abilities.              

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