A Nation of Slaves                           

                                       by William Theseus

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       A Nation of Slaves

In early America Men were Free.
They made their living from the land
     and sea.
With plow and net they created Freedom
For a nation of men freed from fiefdom.

They made their own living by their
      own wits,
Spurning the lure of the corporate shits.
With pride and joy in their independence,
They set the pattern for their descendants.

But slavery is natural for most Men;
Systems move inexorably to that end.
Their descendants thought satisfactory,
The easier office and factory.

They chose capitalist corporations,
The analogues of the slave plantations.
Though capitalism seemed to be free,
It enslaved with ruse the slaves didn't see.

Instead of the master buying the slaves,
Slaves begged to be chosen by the master;
And a slave that escaped from one master,
Sought another or soon faced disaster.

Thus descendants of those brave Free Men
Are enslaved by the fiefdoms once again.
Again the dominant control the masses,
From whose labor their fortune amasses.

      What To Do

All you can do,
Is the best you can do;
Then no regrets,
You've done all you can do.


Butterfly, butterfly
Flitting around my plate;
For tasting my honey,
You have arrived too late.

It is often our fate
That we arrive too late,
Whether seeking nectar
Or searching for a mate.

But I shall play like god
And ease your fickle fate,
I'll drown you in the broth
When you light on my plate.


Young Women seek
Intercourse with Men.
Old women seek
Intercourse with god.

                 The Early Bird

It's not really true, what Ben Franklin said:
The early bird will always gets ahead.
Although he's first and can choose worms at will,
He sometimes winds up the early cat's kill;
So this makes sense of what Theseus said:
Sometimes you get ahead staying in bed.


Philosophies and religions abound,
That claim some special knowledge they have found;
But all are merely vain speculations
That enmesh Mankind in machinations.

What You Deserve

In this life,
You get what you deserve.
In the next life,
According to god's plan,
You get more than you deserve.

         Saint Mark

   (The Promise Keeper)

Poor old lonely Saint Mark,
With his sweet little wife
And his good Christian life,
A Promise Keeper, no less,
Who fled to Argentina
To hang out in sleazy dance halls,
looking for a caress
From those cute little chicks
Who know all the tricks
To help Promise Keepers
Resurrect their dicks.

    A Sign

A sign in a
Strawberry patch:
God is watching;
Hell is waiting.

Animal Instinct

The animal defect
In the Human aspect,
That incites the bloody tide,
Is animal, tribal pride

                  The Poets

With half of an idea, as Poe admits,
They search for some meaning with all
     their wits.
Convoluted syntax, meter and rhyme
Aid their attempt at a work deemed sublime;
And if no meaning of worth should evolve--
No matter--
That's a problem their devotees will solve.

         A Winter's Beach

Strolling--overcast--misting--hood up--
Pelicans diving--gulls lounging--
Not a soul on the beach.
Sand scribe: I love you Cody.
Another day in paradise.

              Getting Set

Most Men  work hard all their lives
Trying to get set to live.
Some Men live hard all their lives
Trying to get set to die.


For a number of Women
Sex is like taking a bath;
It is somewhat of a chore,
But once started is no bore.

             I, Me, and My

My favorite words are I, me, and my.
To me, it's my fault, I cannot deny;
But I'll have my fault with me till I die,
For who loves me more than I, me, and my.

              The Chase

Young men chase young Women;
Middle-aged Men chase wealth;
Old Men chase the doctors,
While death is chasing them.

 Work Ethic

We work
So that we may live;
Not live
So that we may work.


The shackles that bind
And stifle Man's mind
Are all called divine--
The gods are too kind.


Wealth is theft.
It is the skimming off by the few,
The wealth that was created by the many.
No wealth is created without labor.  
The greatest idea will not create any wealth.
Also, a big investment will not create wealth.
Hands must convert these things to tangible
Before any wealth can be brought to fruition.
It's a law--one can't make wealth without
     the other.
And it's a moral law that the wealth should
     be shared.
The idea and the hands are equal partners--
It's the father's investment and the mother's
One is not more responsible than the other--
Each pair of hands should share equally
     in the wealth.

   Free Advice

Never take advice
That is given free;
Never give advice
Unless there's a fee.

    The Ledger

Creeds and beliefs
Count for nothing;
Behavior is everything.
There is no forgiveness--
Each misdeed is marked
For all time in the ledger
That keeps accounts
In the human mind.


All life is forced to follow nature's plan,
That prompts it to breed, whether mouse
     or Man.
This is destiny for all time and place;
Those who escape it, enjoy the gods

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