Flag of Shame
                             by William Theseus

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               Flag of Shame

Those rebel flags on the capitol lawns,
Have found their true ignominious home.
For the racial crimes of that genteel breed
And the foul redneck issue of their seed;
For all the Negro toil that's still unpaid
And the gashes and scars the bull whips
For segregation's vile degradations
And the beastly redneck's executions;
Fly eternally you foul flag of shame,
Sully forever South Carolina's name.


Don't blame conservatives,
For resisting new ideas--
They are on the tail end
Of human enlightenment.

Breeding, power, dominance, aggression--
Family, money, sports, war--
Man's animal instincts,
Are the things they revere--

They must be dragged
Kicking and screaming
By the liberal vanguard
To a more humane world,

Where their mythical gods
Begin to lose their clout
As they begin to see
What their gods are all about--

Preserving the status quo;
Keeping Women in their place;
Giving the Men first place
And resisting the new knowledge base .

They were dragged from cutting off hands of thieves;
They were dragged from burning at the stake;
They were dragged from burning witches;
They were dragged from debtor's prisons.

They were dragged fighting from slavery;
They were dragged fighting from segregation;
They were dragged from women as chattels;
They were dragged from child labor.

They fought against the eight hour work day;
They fought against Social Security.
They fought against the right to unions;
They fought against the civil rights laws;
Unfortunately, conservatives,
In the land of the brave and the free,
Are not yet sufficiently enlightened,
To be dragged from ritual human sacrifice
To their god of revenge.

Compassion, sympathy, pity, and empathy
For the losers in life's struggle,
Are seen as signs of weakness
By the cold conservative mind.

But the beauty of nature is
That the retrograde mind
Is always a loser.
The conservative dogs will bark
And nip at the camel's heels,
But the liberal caravan moves on.

         The Handmaiden

Fraud is the handmaiden of greed.
Capitalism hates government
Because it can put a chastity belt
On their beautiful handmaiden.

                  Glorious Win

Those who are born with a vigorous bent
Will push ahead, that is nature's intent;
And those born gifted and mentally bright
Will accomplish more, it is their birthright;
But nature saves her most glorious win
For vigorous, bright, unscrupulous Men.

    Sweet Chariot

Come sweet chariot,
Take me on that ride
Out among the stars
Where all gods have died;
Through the universe
Ever let me glide
In that sweet silence
Where no gods reside.


The only consolation
That the poor have in this world,
Is the promise from Jesus
That the rich shall burn in hell.
Mark 10: 17-25


Think not your hands be free
From threat of evil's hold;
There's passion in their bones,
Until they have gone cold.

The hands that gently lay
The little babe to rest,
Can turn and thrust a knife
Into the father's breast.

               The Greatest

Man is the greatest of the great apes,
With the potential to be human.
He is human to the degree
That he controls his animal instincts--
The instinct to copulate at any opportunity;
The instinct to fight and to kill;
The instinct to dominate and control.
Those who control these instincts are human;
Those who do not are troglodytes.

      The Difference

There is this difference
Between Women and Men:
Women will do anything for love
And Men will do anything for sex.

                Natural Taints

Prejudice is not learned as people say;
It comes with our birth--it is nature's way.
That different tribe from over the hill
Was always a threat and likely to kill.
Prejudice evolved to keep us alive--
With prejudice and flight, man could survive.
The control of nature's natural taint,
Depends on this knowledge and self-restraint.
Prejudice is rife, all are plagued by it--
Except for the fool and the hypocrite.


God is the mother
That children run to
For comfort and protection.
A Man has no need for the mother.


The bullies in the schools
Are children
Who are bullied and beaten
In the homes.

The violent criminals
In the jails
Were bullied and beaten
In the homes.

Men carry the rage
Into adulthood
That they felt as children
When their parents beat (whipped) them--
They get even by beating in their turn.


The seagulls must feel shame too,
The same as the humans do.
I spy on the beach and wait,
But they never copulate.

                    Paltry Gift

Men complain it's hard to live with Women
And women say it's hard to live with Men.
Poor nature attempted compensation
With the paltry gift of copulation.

                    Old Men

Those lusty young Women of the summer,
Who hike their skirts for the young Men's
Are watched surreptitiously on the beach
By nostalgic old Men feigning leisure.

    Still Searching

Soon we'll be as cold
As a frozen cod
Deep beneath the sod--
Still searching for God.

                   The Curses

The curses of Mankind are race, ethnicity,
     nationality and religion--
The vestiges of Man's primitive
     animal nature--
Revered beyond all else by
     primitive minds.
All promote imagined uniqueness,
Feelings of superiority, and pride--
Which promotes prejudice, hatred,
     violence and war.
There is but one race, one ethnicity,
     one nationality and one religion--
MAN, the God of the earth.

                  Saving Face

I went to the restroom to take a piss.
It was filled with thugs and things looked
It took a long time before I could start
And so to save face, I cut a big fart.
"Ooh, listen to that", said a big badass:
He's no pisser but he sure can blow ass.
There was a howl from all those rough
That shook my balls rights to the very roots.
Something smart, came to mind, like "kiss
     my ass",
But on the repartee I took a pass;
Shook off, zipped, and tried not to leave too
As I went out the door, I heard once more:
He's no pisser but boy can he blow ass;
And again the galoots let out a

           Sex Education

Dad, will you explain how sex works?
Sure son--go over to that wall socket--
Now pull out the lamp cord plug.
Son, the wall socket is like the female part,
And the plug is like the male part.
Now push the plug into the socket;
Now pull it out;
Keep going;
Keep going;
There you have it son;
That's how sex works.
Is that all there is to it dad?
No, there's a little more that you'll soon
figure out.
What's that dad?
Well, for one thing son,
Not all female sockets
Will be as obliging as that one. 

     White-knuckle Flier

Priest to white-knuckle flier:
Don't worry my son,
God will protect us.
White-knuckle flier:
That's easy for you to say Father,
You're flying on faith.
Me, I'm flying on nuts and bolts.

  The Game

To the young,
Love is a game
And sex
A contact sport.


Intelligence is genetic--
No credit to the individual.
Genius is a creation
That all humanity praises.

 Ultimate Stupidity

The ultimate stupidity
Is the belief that new ideas
That sound stupid to us,
Are stupid ideas.


All Men earn their living
By the sweat of the brow--
Some by their own sweat;
Some by other Men's sweat.

        The Infections

Conservatism is like religion--
It's not based on facts
But on a system of beliefs.
It's no coincidence,
That both afflictions tend
To infect the same minds.

           Lesser Hell

Please, send me to that fiery place,
For that would be the lesser hell
Than spending an eternity
With the likes of Jerry Falwell.


Nothing is more
Dangerous to society
Than the combination
Of intelligence and ignorance.


It is unlikely that the mind of Man
Is yet capable of a conception
Of the true glory of the universe--
It is beyond all imagination.

             Good Measure

Your friends will spare you the truth,
But your siblings take pleasure
In telling you the whole truth--
And lying for good measure.

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