Damn the Gods
                             by William Theseus

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    Damn the Gods

Damn the gods--
Man is all Man knows
And all he needs to know:
Man feeds Man;
Man Clothes Man;
Man shelters M Man heals Man;
Man comforts Man;
Man educates Man;
Man entertains Man;
Man protects Man;
Man gives his life to save man;
Man flies Man around the world;
Man flies Man to the moon;
Damn the gods--
Man is all Man knows
And all he needs to know.

              Purpose of Life

Men ask: what is the purpose of life?,
As they pursue that purpose with diligence--
They mate, build a nest, breed, and rear
      their young;
And when those young mature,
They mate, build a nest, breed, and rear
     their young.
And when those young mature,
They mate, build a nest, breed and rear
     their young.
That is the purpose of life--
For birds and bees, rats and cats, mice
     and Men,
Forever and ever without end--
Amen, amen, amen--never ask again--
What is the purpose of life?
But, the fuzzy-brained will remonstrate,
We mean spiritually, what is the purpose
     of life?--
Man's spirituality is not a reality,
It is an imagined thing to explain imagining;
It is the simple minded's great hope
And the guru and myth maker's dope.

           The Winners

We were numbered in the millions
As we each fought to win the race;
And when I was first through the goal,
All the others were the winners.
Their souls moved to eternity,
While mine moved to maternity.

             The Hero

God stuffs him with dominance;
God stuffs him with violence;
God stuffs him with hatred;
God stuffs him greediness;
God stuffs him with vengefulness;
God stuffs him with spitefulness;
God stuffs him with lustfulness--
But all the malice of god
Cannot prevail against Man.
His genius creates order
Out of god's malicious spite.

              Joseph Smith's Joke

Joe spent much of his youth digging for gold
But in time, all that hard labor got old.
So Joe, who was clever, dreamed up a hoax;
He was always one who loved playing jokes.

He would proclaim a treasure he had found--
A golden tablet buried in the ground.
And on this tablet a gospel was writ,
Which Joe dreamed up with his gift for bullshit.

He thought he would play his joke for a while
And impress everybody with his guile.
But his little joke went over too well--
The gullible people believed his tale.

As the story spread that foxy Joe told,
He realized he had indeed found gold.
Soon Joe had men out doing his bidding
While he spent time with the women--frigging.

Later sitting in that Illinois jail,
Joe could see his joke wasn't going well.
He realized other jokes have a tale
And attack bad jokes so "truth" will prevail.

As the mob of Christians broke into jail
Joe tried to explain it was all a tale.
No harm intended just a joke for fun;
The Christian rebuttal was with a gun.

But the tale lives on and gains in vigor,
Spurred by the Saints missionary rigor;
Thus proving the belief creation rule--
God always uses the tale of a fool.

         Mass Murderer

A nanosecond before conception
Millions of potential beings
Are poised to be born.
God chooses one being
And aborts the millions.
Is god a mass murderer?

          Chicken or Egg

When you eat a fertilized egg,
Are you eating a chicken or an egg?
When you abort a fertilized egg,
Are you aborting a human or an egg.

      Last Refuge

Dr. Johnson was wrong--
The last refuge
Of a scoundrel
Is always religion.

     Gods, Gods, Gods

Man is God of his universe--
He is God that promulgates right;
He is God that promulgates wrong;
He giveth life and taketh life away;
He is God that reigns over what;
He is God that reigns over when;
He is God that reigns over where;
He is God that reigns over why;
No god surpasses his might. 

       Writer's Cramp

There is something curious
About a god that writes books
But hasn't written a book
In two thousand years.
Is it really possible
Writer's cramp could last that long.

              Ecce Deus

See the strong devour the weak;
See horrors too vile to speak;
Poor man cries out in lament
And yet god will not relent.
What is obvious to Man,
God seems not to understand.

         The Lord

Among Men of prayer,
Faith rules on Sunday,
Reason on Monday--
Common sense is Lord.

     The Gods

The gods of today
Are as alive
As were the gods
In antiquity.

  Thorn In The Flesh 

Paul's thorn in the flesh--
Is still the thorn in the flesh
Of the Catholic Church.

To condemn men and women
To a lifetime of masturbation
Is cruel and unusual punishment--
A perversion that preys on children.

       Petty Minds

Petty minds see all around,
Miraculous incidents;
And see a godly design
In every coincidence.

     A Rare Endowment

Only a small minority of men
Are capable of thinking for themselves.
From childhood to death men cherish beliefs
That are determined by where they are born.
It is a horrifying fact of life
That can only lead to the conclusion
That most human brains are incapable
Of escaping their early brainwashing--
No matter their state of intelligence.
Those who escape have a rare intellect.

       Freedom of Religion

The freedom of religion is sacred--
But only for those that are proven true
Beyond a reasonable doubt in a court
By jurors from twelve different religions.

      Beware of God

The Lord's Prayer proves
God is sometimes good
And sometimes evil--
"Lead us not into temptation."

               Another Cult

Had Rome stopped the Christian cult,
There would still be this result:
Another cult would have bred
And rule our lives in its stead.

          Remember Bruno

It is blasphemy to respect the cults
That claim to have some knowledge of
    a god.
We must not forget their deeds of horror--
And keep them always before the public.

In the past they have burned, tortured,
     and killed
In service of their godly ignorance.
And the ancient minds that committed
     those crimes
Are the same minds that today still believe.

Should the religious cults regain their power,
The slaughter for dominance will begin
And ancient minds will again turn to fire
With the thinking men once more on the

                The Image of God

The Bible says Man is created in the image of God;
Therefore, we look in the mirror and see God's image.
Since God is not guilty of original sin,
He is not required to hide his nakedness.
We can envision him standing in all his splendor--
Balls and all--penis erect as a symbol of power and love--
Also a warning--watch out or you'll get screwed.
And if we should see the hind parts of God,
As I believe Moses did, and if he should perchance bend over,
We could see the bunghole of God.
Which brings to mind and interesting question:
What does God wipe his ass with?--
No doubt he uses clouds, which accounts for
All the shit that rains down from the heavens on poor Man.

           The Quarrel

I have no quarrel with Man;
He survives as best he can.
My quarrel is with the gods
That plague we mortal clods.


The devout Christians of the world
Would have been devout Moslems
Had they been born in a Moslem country--
Addiction to cults is almost universal.
The devout Moslems of the world
Would have been devout Christians
Had they been born in a Christian

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