by William Theseus

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If nothing from nothing equals nothing,
And the universe is really something,
Then it follows there had to be something
When the universe was still yet nothing.

But before the big bang there was something
That had always existed as something--
Laws that governed the big bang of something.
Without which there could surely be nothing.

           The God Myths

It is a human imperative
That we must explain existence.
But most minds are incapable
Of accepting true reality--
Hence the many god myths.

            See the Heart

A spider kills and eats a moth;
A cat kills and eats a rat;
A shark kills and eats a seal;
A lion kills and eats a man;
A bear kills and eats a faun;
A man kills and eats a cow;
See the heart of God.

Volcanoes slaughter the people;
Tsunamis slaughter the people;
Earthquakes slaughter the people;
Hurricanes slaughter the people;
Diseases slaughter the people;
Famines slaughter the people;
See the heart of God.

Good and Evil


Christians understand that evolution
Means more than just something studied
     in school.
They reason soundly that if it is true,
Then they have without a doubt played
     the fool;
And also if true, they can see as well
That there really is no heaven or hell.
So it makes sense they fight it tooth and nail;
In evolution, they hear a death knell.

How to explain this puzzling paradox
Of intelligent men so orthodox?--
Religions are addictive cults in  Men;
A fact that few of them can comprehend.

Men of faith see their religion as fact
That no amount of reason can attack.
The power of all cults to seize up the mind
Was ever the devil that made Men blind.


People who pray
Have no faith in God.
They're afraid He's not paying attention
And doesn't know what to do.

              The Christians

Christians are hardly the blessed meek
And they rarely turn the other cheek.
They strive to store up earthly riches
And hate poor, "lazy sons-of-bitches".
Six days they connive for a livin',
But on Sunday all is forgiven.

There is wisdom in this Christian creed
That forgives all sins and worships greed.
They have full freedom to use their wits
To get heaven AND earth's benefits.
They take to heart what their master said:
Work ye hard and try to get ahead.


Faith is a concept
Conjured by most cults,
To rationalize belief
In the unbelievable--
Thus fostering phony respect
For manifest ignorance.

      The Cults

All religions begin as cults
That gain respectability
And legitimacy
Through longevity.

They are conceived in ignorance,
Organized in ignorance,
Codified in ignorance,
And propagated in ignorance.

The gods of today will perish
As have the gods of the past;
But the more mystical and fanatical
Will weather the ages best.


 Proverbs: The beginning of wisdom
                   is the fear of god.

 Theseus: The beginning of god
                    is the fear of wisdom.


Minds unable to comprehend
Nature and it's harsh ways with Men,
Seek gods, and a heavenly cast
To give answers within their grasp.

              Fear of Heaven

Christians have a great fear of heaven,
And fight like hell to stay in this wicked
They beseech the doctors
To save them from heaven;
They beseech their god
To save them from heaven;
Why this terrible fear of heaven,
That beautiful, wonderful paradise?--
Because their innate intelligence--
     their mother wit--
Knows the difference between fact and
It cannot be fooled by faith.

          Beyond the Curse

If something is behind the universe,
It reveals its nature in life on earth.
The killing and eating chain illustrates
That killing is one of its prime dictates.
The dominance law and pecking order
Show that compassion is out of order.
Some men, though, look out for one another
And offer compassion to their brother.
Clearly these who have overcome gods
Have surpassed what's behind the universe.

                   The Mullahs

The Islamic Mullahs want an Islamic
The Christian Mullahs want a Christian
The Judaic Mullahs want a Judaic
All are brothers in mind, conceived in the
      same womb--
Primitive, unreasoning minds--slaves of 
      their "sacred" myths--   
All true believers in their divine scribblings;
Each convinced his is the only true word--
And thereby hangs the balls of war and

                    Timid Gods

What's hard to understand about the gods,
Is why they're so shy with we mortal clods.
Why are they hiding, where pray, can they
Why won't they show themselves for all
     to see?
Not a single one has been on TV.

             Simple Deduction

If the gods know all but will not tell us;
If they see all but will not show us;
If they are all powerful but will not protect us;
If they are everywhere but stay hidden from us;
Then the simplest minds can deduce,
They are something for which we have no use.

        Stop Speculating

If there were a god
And we were supposed to know,
We would know--
for sure.

All over the world men would know,
For sure, and agree about god,
As they agree
About the laws of science.

But we do not know--for sure;
Therefore we are not
Supposed to know--
OR, there is no God.

                     Hymn to Man

Coming in to Nashville on the Interstate;
Ten lanes of traffic bumper to bumper at 75  mph;
"Billy Preston" throbbing on the radio;
Cool air wafting over my body as I sip hot tea.
Suddenly a big 747 wings in a few feet above the
And all at once my eyes are flooded with tears--
What a magnificent God is Man.
And to think, I am a brother in that glorious clan
That has created order, meaning, and beauty
Out of nature's callous, vicious, beastliness.

                      I'm a Man

I'm down at the heels and don't have any wheels;
My clothes are ragged and I'm short on meals;
But I don't sweat the small stuff one bit;
Food, clothes, or whatnot, I don't give a shit;
I'm not a mouse, I'm a Man.

I pound my feet down hard on the earth;
Feel my power and know my worth;
I hold my head up high and meet every Man's eye;
Neither Man nor Woman can make me cry;
I'm not a mouse, I'm a Man.

I stick my nose wherever I please;
Speak my mind and don't try to appease;
I don't quarrel with fate or lament it's tricks;
I spit, cuss, and take my licks;
I'm not a mouse, I'm a Man.

I've got two strong arms and a mind of my own;
I need no gods or gurus' to help me along;
Prayer and weeping are for the weak and inane;
I plot my own course and let my own will reign;
I'm not a mouse, I'm a Man.

                A Free Man

Only a free man can speak the truth.
A Free Man answers to no Man--
     boss or master;
A Free Man answers to no cult--
     religion or mystery;
A Free Man answers to no tribe--
     race or ethnicity;
A Free Man answers to no gods--
     a free Man is a God,
And a God answers only to himself.

       The Glory

All the gods are dead--
Nothing more to dread--
Belief left behind
In moldering mind--
Man is the story--
Man is the glory.


When I'm thousands of miles from home,
Out on the by-ways all alone,
I feel a bond that's understood--
A universal brotherhood.
Wherever life may bid me roam,
I always feel I'm right at home.


Man is the creation
Of his own Will.
He is not
A psychological creation.

Nature gives him three elements
With which to forge his essence:
Animal nature, human nature,
And Will.

Man's animal nature promotes:
Anger, hate, fear, dominance, aggression,
Lust, love, jealousy, callousness, Shadenfreude, acquisitiveness and tribal pride.

His human nature promotes:
Conscience, pity, empathy, compassion, Charity, humility, fidelity
And brotherhood.

Will is the controlling element
In Man's essence and is a meld of:
Consciousness, intelligence,
Perception, knowledge, reason and discrimination.

Man becomes human
By using Will to:
Restrain his animal nature
And promote his human nature.

Man's evil comes from his animal nature.
The level of evil is determined
By the degree of restraint by his Will
Upon his animal nature.

Gross evil comes about
When Man's Will completely
Suppresses his human nature,
And his animal nature is given free reign.

Saintliness comes about
When Man's Will completely
Suppresses his animal nature,
And his human nature is given free reign.

Man has long sought the source of good
     and evil.
And found the answer in gods and devils.
The correct answer is that Man is both God
     and Devil--
His Will determines which rules and to what degree.

              God and Soul

God and soul are mere concepts created
      by Man
To give meaning to what he doesn't    
One embodies the essence of the universe
And the other the essence of each lonely

               Holy Father

Holy Father Sun and Mother Sea,
With phallus of light created me
And all the creation that I see--
What copulation created thee?

                 The Gene

Scientists think there is a god gene.
Religions think that is obscene;
But it's there and they'll find it soon
And when they do all faiths will swoon.
Now I'm not trying to be mean
But I know where they'll find that gene--
Sitting between the Santa gene
And the Holy Tooth Fairy gene.
All Holy Genes right side by side
Guiding believers true and tried.

           Truth and Knowledge

Man has followed many cults (religions)
In his rise from the barbarity of the caves,
But their efficacy was never a factor
In his advancement to a more humane
Always, it was truth and knowledge that
Swept him beyond the ignorance of the
     cults and
Propelled him to the next level of humanity.


Nature has no faith,
It has only fact.
Man is of nature,
He is nature's fact.

Science has no faith,
It has only fact.
Man brought forth science,
Science is his fact.

Science nurtures Man,
It has been his God;
Science makes him great,
It controls his fate


The laws of god are:
Kill and feed,
Seduce and breed,
Dominate and rule.
All are testaments
Of his love.

         Modern Judaism

Modern Judaism evolved from a Germanic cult
Spawned by an ancient Babylonian text
Cum Palestinian text
Introduced by proselytizing Palestinian
Into the Germanic tribes
In early Roman times.

The Ashkenazi's Germanic language--
Their Germanic culture,
And their Germanic-Palestinian DNA
Prove they are a Germanic people--
Which gives a new understanding
Of their invasion of Palestine
And their continued aggression there
    for "lebensraum." 
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