by William Theseus
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                                                             Good and Evil
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Good and Evil
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Proposition 1: Evil does not exist where there is no will. Natural phenomenon such as tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. are not evil. They are the result of inherent forces in nature. They are tragic but not evil. They could only be considered evil if there were a God that possessed will and the ability to alter these events. The killing and devouring of bodies, though gruesome, is not evil. It is the natural order of life on earth.

Proposition 2: All evil in the the human family comes from man's animal nature.
Man has three elements with which to forge his essence--animal nature, human nature and will.  His animal nature promotes anger, hate, fear, dominance, aggression, lust, love, jealousy, callousness, Shadenfreude, greed and tribal prejudice. His human nature promotes conscience, pity, empathy, compassion, charity, humility, fidelity and brotherhood. Man's will is the controlling element between his animal nature and his human nature. Will is a meld of consciousness, intelligence, perception, knowledge, reason and discrimination. The animals have no choice but to follow their natural instinct and emotion, but man's will allows him to choose between his animal nature and his human nature. His experience and reason have taught him the wisdom of placing strictures such as customs, mores, laws and commandments on the exercise of his animal nature. The fact that these strictures exist indicate an inherent belief that Man is capable of controlling his animal nature with the exception of mental illness.

Proposition 3: Man is human to the degree that he exercises his will to control his animal nature. Saints suppress their animal nature and allow their human nature free reign, whereas the animals among the human family suppress their human nature and give their animal nature free reign. Most of us fall somewhere in between.

Note: I know there will be protest that I have placed love with the animal nature.  Here is my reasoning:

When the animals mate,
They are said to be in estrus.
When humans mate,
They are said to be in love.
The same chemicals
Create both maladies.
But be not dismayed
That love is chemically made,
For if women had no chemical lure,
Men would still keep them as pets--for sure.

1)  I define animal nature as the instincts both humans and animals have in common. Human nature I define as the instincts only humans have. It is true that jealousy, spite, and Shadenfreude are distinctly human attributes, but I believe they are sublimations of our basic animal instincts facilitated by human intellect .

2)  Lust is definitely an animal instinct. There are many men who chase females the way dogs chase bitches in heat, and there are fights among men for the favors of certain females as you see among dogs.

3)  As I pointed out in proposition 1, there is no wickedness or evil if there is no will; therefore, the animals are neither wicked or evil.

4)  Consciousness, intellect, human nature and human will are what make us human. Without the will to implement the choice between our animal nature and our human nature we would not be human and we would not be capable of evil. We have all seen the power of will to alter behavior.  Many people have changed their lives dramatically by merely learning to use the power of will to control their animal instinct for power, force, dominance, fighting, copulating at every opportunity, theft, etc--things the animals are powerless to control.  No Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh or Buddha was necessary to effect the magical transformation--only the exercise of will.

Man's animal nature is very similar to that of the animals. Chimpanzees sometimes invade a neighboring troop's territory on search and destroy missions.  Often they completely eliminate a neighboring troop.  Animal nature equals dominance, aggressiveness, greed and tribalism which creates war, apartheid, slavery, segregation, holocaust and the degradation of women.

The natural imperatives that rule the lives of animals can also rule the lives of men if they choose not to exercise will:

Purpose Driven
Men ask, what is the purpose of life?
As they pursue that purpose with diligence--
They mate, build a nest, breed and rear
their young.
And when those young mature,
They ask, what is the purpose of life?
As they pursue that purpose with diligence--
They mate, build a nest, breed and rear
their young.
And when those young mature,
They ask, what is the purpose of life?
As they pursue that purpose with diligence--
They mate, build a nest, breed, and rear
their young.
That is the purpose of life--
For birds and bees, rats and cats, mice
and men,
Forever and ever without end.
Amen, amen, amen--never ask again--
What is the purpose of life?
But some will remonstrate:
We mean spiritually, what is the purpose of life?--
Man's spirituality is not a reality--
It is an imagined thing to explain imagining.
It is the spiritualist's hope
And the myth maker's dope.      

The predominant force in men's lives is their animal nature--survival, dominance, mating and breeding.
Therefore; family is the focus of most men's and women's lives as it is for the other animals. Ask any man or woman what is the most important thing in their life and most will answer, my family; and if the animals could think and talk they would no doubt answer my family, tribe, pod, troop, etc.   Another indicator of the predominance of animal nature in men's lives is song themes.  A count of 180 hit songs from the 50's to the late 90's reveals that the theme of over 70% of the songs is human mating and reproduction.  The great appeal of sports is also an indicator.  Sports are stylized  dominance rituals that appeal strongly to man's animal nature.  We are part animal and part human and our will determines which will dominate. 

Little is more important to mankind than understanding the source of good and evil.  Surely the evidence given here presents a more reasonable source of good and evil than that of gods, devils and angels.

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