by William Theseus
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                                                     Is Belief in God Genetic
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Is Belief in God Genetic
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Are non-believers a superior evolutionary vanguard of the human race and the believers a less advanced evolutionary segment of mankind? Is it genetically impossible for non-believers to believe in a god and genetically impossible for believers not to believe? Is there a genetic imperative that dictates if a person believes or does not believe in God? We know that evolution is moving apace in all life on earth. Doesn't it seem plausible to believe that there's a segment of the human race that has evolved to a higher state of consciousness and perspective, beyond the majority of humans, and that there would be some evidence of their evolutionary superiority.

In that regard, if we look at the scientists and artists that have created great works of genius, we find that a good portion of them have been non-believers. Also, if we go to any country in the world and go to the poorest section of that country, we will find the most ignorant people in the country, the most religious people in the country and the most conservative people in the country. In the US this was always the south. The incubus trinity of ignorance, religion, and conservatism always clings to the children of the gods.
Conversely, in the wealthiest section of a country we find the most enlightened people in the country, the least religious people in the country, and the most liberal people in the country. Presumably this superior section of the country would be a collection of the superior evolutionary vanguard members from all over the country. From this section of the country comes great innovations, great works of art, and advancements in the sciences. From the poorest section of the country comes religious fanatics, right wing political fanatics and televangelists.

Of course one argument against the idea of a genetic factor in belief in a god, is that people move back and forth in belief and non-belief. But could it be that these are the people who have no compelling genetic imperative in either direction because they are on the cusp of the evolutionary divide between the advance superior vanguard and the less evolved population .

It would seem probable that man's evolution from non-consciousness to consciousness would produce a superior vanguard. Surely all humans didn't one day achieve consciousness but rather they evolved slowly over time with a small superior vanguard advancing ahead of the majority. Since the evolutionary laggards were always the great majority, one can only imagine what hell the superior vanguard suffered at their hands as they, far advanced in consciousness and perspective, began to reject the gods, devils, angels, spirits, and other mystical beings that the majority believed in. This would seem probable in light of the atrocities committed down through history by the children of the gods against nonbelievers and heretics. Only a few hundred years ago, the children of the gods were still burning nonbelievers and heretics a at the stake. Even today in some countries nonbelievers are persecuted and murdered by the children of the gods.

The propensity for violence among the children of the gods is too obvious to ignore. With their gods in tow they are always the first to march to war. What could account for the predilection for violence and repression in the children of the gods, some of whom claim to believe in a pacifist.

In 1962-63, I was in Atlanta when the integration battle was raging. On most Sunday mornings I went out for a walk around town. Around the front door of most of the churches were stationed Christian goon squads to prevent the "niggers" from entering their church. If you look back through history you see clearly that on most issues the children of the gods opposed the superior evolutionary vanguard's push for a more humane world. The vanguard, however, has been such a profoundly powerful driver of the progress of the human race from cave man to modern human that even though they are outnumbered ten to one, the children of the gods cannot prevail against them. Some of those Christian goons standing in the church door back in 1962 now have black grandchildren.

The children of the gods have been blessed by evolution with one convenient trait--poor memories. In the early years of the integration battle, I didn't know a single person who was in favor of integration,--not one family member, not one of my friends, nor even an acquaintance--most of them good children of the gods. Those good children of the gods now say they were in favor of integration--and of course they were at some point when it became a fait accompli.

I'm old enough to remember when TV first made its appearance in the south. Phew, what sermons were preached in the churches about the evils of TV. Within a year, though, the preachers had a TV. Always, always, the children of the gods are fighting the future. Today it's health care. What could account for this persistent opposition to change. It's so consistent that it seems it has to be genetic. Looking back in history, you can almost posit a rule. If there's an issue that you can't decide what 's right or wrong, just go to the nearest house of the lord and find out what the prevailing view is among the children of the gods, then take the opposite position and you can be confident that in the future you'll be on the right side.


Christians understand that evolution
Means more than just something studied
in school.
They reason soundly that if it is true,
Then they have without a doubt played
the fool;
And also if true, they can see as well
That there really is no heaven or hell.
So it makes sense they fight it tooth and nail;
In evolution, they hear a death knell.

How to explain this puzzling paradox
Of intelligent men so orthodox?--
The brain is still yet evolving in men--
Some facts, some brains cannot yet
They have not evolved to that consciousness
Where their god myths become mere

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