A Humanist Bible

William Theseus
These pages are excerpted from the book "A Humanist Bible" and features a Humanist Manifesto, a Humanist Creed along with selections from over 300 musings and amusings on the human condition.
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                               A Humanist Manifesto

Man does not live in a world ruled by gods, devils and angels.  He lives in a world where his human nature, his animal nature and his human will are the Gods of his life.  These three elements that define Man are the genetic gift of nature.  His human will that allows him to choose between his human nature and his animal nature is what makes him human.  All evil in the human family comes from man's animal nature. 

The greatest tragedy for western man occurred when he turned from Greek rationalism and took for truth Hebrew mysticism. While the ancient Hebrews were expressing the primitive mind of man with the creation of their Bible, nearby the Greeks were expressing the modern mind of man by using reason to create logic, mathematics and science.  The Hebrews had not yet discovered deductive reasoning.  They proved everything with a mythical god. 

All religions are cults that are organized, institutionalized, codified, and sanctified ignorance. They have gained respect and legitimacy through longevity.  No ignorance deserves respect.  It deserves only universal ridicule and condemnation for seizing up the reasoning sphere of the human mind.  The Torah created by the Hebraic mother cult fostered the creation of most of the major cults of today--Judaism, Catholicism, Islam, Methodism, Baptism, Mormonism et al.  Religions are the leading source of ignorance in the world today and the single greatest curse on humanity. They corrupt the reasoning power of the mind with myths  and lead to the denigration of truth and knowledge as revealed by scientific skepticism, investigation and the test of reason. They are the apotheosis of myths created by primitive, ignorant, superstitious minds and are the curse that stifles the grand march of man to his glorious destiny. They make a mockery of evolution's miraculous gift of reason to humanity. All over the world from cradle to grave people are brainwashed by the religious, "spiritual" and tribal cults and few people are endowed with the intellectual resources necessary to escape that brainwashing. Religion is the great waster of the human mind.  Though we vociferously proclaim our disrespect and condemnation of the ignorance propagated by religions and their control over the human mind, we must none the less, respect the right of people to believe ignorance. 

The bedrock philosophy of the humanist mind is that it rejects all the cults of the world. The true humanist will neither believe, follow or in any way honor any of the beliefs, rituals or practices of the religious, spiritual, or tribal cults. It is an oxymoron to claim to be a humanist and at the same time a member of or sympathizer with a cult. Scientific reason and knowledge are the guiding stars of the humanist mind. Humanists should be true to Voltaire's exhortation: Crush the ignorance.

Nature is all and all is nature.  Nature created humanity and humanity created humanism from nature's gifts of  an animal nature, a human nature and a human will.   Human nature and will are the glory of evolution.   They are the genetic gift that sets humans apart from the animals.  Man's human nature endows humanity with consciousness, will, reason, conscience, empathy, pity, charity, compassion, honesty, and brotherhood.  Man's reason allows him to examine, compare, discriminate and create ideas, theories, conclusions and laws without the influence of any religious, spiritual or supernatural writings, theories or traditions.  Man's animal nature promotes greed, envy, shadenfreude, anger, hatred, fear, dominance, aggression, lust, jealousy, callousness, and tribalism.  Human will is the element in human nature that allows mankind to choose between their human instincts and their animal instincts. Will is the critical element that creates the modern human.  Surely people of reason will find human nature, animal nature, and will a more reasonable explanation of good and evil in the human family than the religious ideas of gods, devils, angels and sin.  Our human nature is responsible for all good in the human family and our animal nature is responsible for all the evil.  Mankind may choose between good and evil.  It is in charge of it's own destiny.

The four blasphemies of humanism are god cults, ethnic cults, mystery cults and spiritual cults. All of these cults promote exclusivity and superiority that set men apart. They inculcate members with beliefs that are not based on truth and reason. Humanism on the other hand is inclusive and holds all mankind as a brotherhood. It considers all cults, clans, tribes, ethnicities and sects as evil assemblies that divide men and proclaim their cult to be special in some way. They promote divisiveness, prejudice, pride, vanity and ultimately war and slaughter. They are a result of humanity's primitive animal instinct to form tribes. Humanists do not hold one group of humanity as a special brotherhood or preferred people. They consider people who hold such beliefs as errant brothers and sisters with prejudiced tribal beliefs that are anathema to the truth of humanism. These brothers and sisters are not true humanists but blasphemers of humanism. True humanists recognize only one race, one ethnicity, and one tribal identity--humanity. As we move away from religious, spiritual, and tribal cults and toward oneness with humanity we become more human and less animal. Socrates was a humanist. He said: "Never, when asked one's country to answer I am an Athenian or a Corinthian, but I am a citizen of the world." We as humanists must be true to this sacred principle of humanism. We must not be Americans, Frenchmen, Italians, Turks, Jews, Blacks, Catholics, Mormons, Baptists, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. We must be international humanists and members of that glorious world wide family of humanity--the brotherhood of Man. Wherever humanists may be they should not think of the people around them as strangers but instead as members of their glorious global family that is their only source of succor. 

A Humanist Creed

We will search for knowledge
We will search for truth
We will search for reason
We will search for understanding

We will mold our lives with knowledge
We will mold our lives with truth
We will mold our lives with reason
We will mold our lives with understanding

We will follow no god
We will follow no religion
We will follow no guru or spirituality
We will follow no cult or tribe

We will glorify Humanity
We will walk in the light of brotherhood
We will walk in the light of kindness
We will walk in the light of charity

We will honor Humanity
We will sing its praises
We will believe only in Humanity
We will have faith only in Humanity

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